Be Aware !! ปากกามาร์คเกอร์ UNI® ปลอมกำลังแพร่ระบาด

Fake UNI® markers are distributed by many unauthorized sellers especially around Samutprakan, Chonburi and Rayong Province. Mitsubishi Pencil (Thailand) do not ignore this situation. We intensively collaborate with the Economic Crime Division (ECD) of the Royal Thai Police. Recently, we arrested a seller of fake UNI® markers in the Eastern province of Thailand. He was pressed charged, fined and given suspended sentence. The 6000-seized fake UNI® markers were restrained and will later be destroyed. Mitsubishi Pencil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will not tolerate Intellectual Property Rights infringement and will continuously search and eliminate fake UNI® markers from Thai market and customers.

Fake UNI® markers are made with poor material and might contain hazardous materials without any certification. Fake UNI® marker sellers cannot provide you data on chemical substances or the RoHs, MSDS and SOC reports for your use. They will not be responsible for your harm, your loss or injury. You, your organization and business will be at risk with poor standardized product.

Please do not support this illegitimate business and keep your company safe. Always order genuine UNI® markers from authorized dealers. For further information, please contact Mitsubishi Pencil (Thailand) Co., Ltd., at